ASV Lever help

I purchased a set of ASV levers for my '07 YZ450. After some screwing around getting the clutch purch with the hot start lever from the seller I finally got it all installed. Anyway, my question is that the clutch doesn't seem to be full disengaging when you pull the lever. I've adjusted the cable so there is still some free play in it. It seems like it is not moving the clutch arm at the engine as far as the stock lever was.

So, does anyone have any experience with this? I was trying to see if the lever they sent is correct for this year bike. Only problem, ASV is closed till Jan 9th. If anyone has a ASV F3 lever on their '07 could you tell me what he part number is on the underside of the lever maybe?

The correct part is listed as CMF36 for the F3 lever itself, CMF35 for the "Pro Perch" assembly.

ASV's have a reach adjuster that may be in need of running out some for more clutch pull.

Thanks for the reply. The levers came from ATV Galexy and they where not packaged. I think the pro perches is the same for all the levers. The lever itself has a number C6G on it. That's the number I was hoping to confirm.

I've got the reach adjusted so my first joint lays right on the lever. I can maybe go a bit further out tomorrow and see if it helps any.

Well, I adjusted the reach out until I got the clutch not to drag. I rode it yesterday and it worked fine. Still pretty crappy enginering when you have to use the reach adjustement to make the pull of the cable correct.

If I remember correctly, Honda and Yamaha use different lever ratios, but the same ASV lever is used on both by means of interchanging a bushing that comes with the set. Check the paperwork you got (if any) to be sure you're using the right one.

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