Clutch friction plates

I was curious to see what clutch friction plates you guy's are using as replacements for your 01 426's.

The OEM have been good to me, I was really suprised they lasted this long, after all I put about 40 hours a month on my bike and don't cut it any slack, I've had it 1 year now and I think thats pretty good considering the abuse.

I seen the Kevlar, but if there anything like the Kevlar brakes, I dont need them.

Please give me your input.

Later, Jason :)

I don't know about you, but I'm a little reluctant to replace my friction plates with aftermarket ones that could contaminate my oil and cause premature cylinder wall, transmission, or crankshaft wear. That's the main reason I change my oil so often. I'm perfectly satisfied with the longevity and performance of the OEM plates.


I just replaced everything in the clutch, but I used Barnett plates. Only because I can get a better deal them vs OEM. I change my oil every 3 rides, religiously, when I do get to ride, I ride it hard. I havent really noticed any abnormal contamination, I am assuming the damage you are speaking of is from the material in the aftermarket plates??


Wont stock plates contaminate oil if the clutch is abused??

When Yamaha designed the bike they must have taken this into consideration. As for an afternarket source your guess is as good as mine.

There were several '00 426's produced that had defective clutch baskets and Yamaha warranteed/recalled those bikes.

Yes, with the engine and transmission sharing common oil, if you over slip the clutch, the oil becomes contaminated. Honda recognized this shortcoming and separated the transmission oil from the crankcase oil in their 450. I expect Yamaha to follow suit in '03.

hey Hugh, Dont be too sure about that statement, I have personally seen 4 shattered clutch baskets!!!! on 00' 426's

Sorry BK, didn't mean to come off as Mr. Know it all! I have no experience with the 426, mine being a 400. :)

Hey Hugh, you werent coming off that way at all, no offense was taken, nor did I attempt to sound that way either, I was just trying to make a point about the "factories" over looking things from time to time. Boit you are correct, they did warranty all cases.

Seems you'll find some areas that are great ideas, and others that look like after thoughts.

hey Boit, seems like you may have an inside scoop on the new bikes, do you hear anything on weight??? Hopefully about 20lbs less, or more would be even better???

[ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: BK14MX ]

BK14; I don't have any inside track. I simply read a post by Rich Rohrich at another site saying that Yamaha has an answer to Honda's 450. We'll see.

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