2011 exhaust on 2012

Hi, I was just wondering if someone here had tried this configuration, as I've seen that the 12 comes with a longer muffler with a smaller core

If someone tried it, did you change mappings?

Good or not?


It is a definite improvement although it depends on how easily you come across an 11 muffler as to whether its worthwhile or not. My buddy has an 11 with a Yosh system so I borrowed his stock muffler to use on my 12 for the past summer. I just recieved my Pro Circuit system so Im pretty pumped to see how that works.

Ok, thanks it should be pretty easy, because I have an 11 and I'm getting a yosh, my brother will probably be getting a 12 so I'll just let him borrow my stock pipe

Thanks for the info, did you remap, or just stock map and it's better?

The stock 12 map is a little more aggressive than the 11 map so it runs a little stronger right off the bat. I never really played with it past that as I was content with it. My buddy with the 11 and the Yosh seems to like the Marmont map. I havent played with more aggressive maps yet but I will be once I get my new pipe on. Never seems to be enough time to play with it much. Just getting out riding at all nowadays seems to be a victory.

Last question, did you swap the entire system or just the pipe? From what I know the only difference is in the pipe, but I may be wrong...

Thanks for your answers!

Just the muffler, headpipes are identical. The stock 12 muffler is very quiet and Im all for keeping noise down but there has to be a middle ground. Besides, EVERYTHING seems quiet compared to a stock Kawi muffler. ;)

I have a 2010, 2011, and a 2012. I run the 2010 pipe on my 2012. It picked up a little, but not worth the money to spend buying it. The mapping on the 2012 is just a little more ignition down low and more fuel, something I already did to the 2010 and 2011 to soften the bark. I think it is a waste of money to spend 700 bucks on this bike for a pipe,unless your paid to do it. I even let a guy who runs the AMA nationals try my bike and he thought that it was unbelievable compared to his worked on bike. I do have a couple of custom maps. That turner can find your hidden powerband, for sure.

Stock lasts longer and works about the best, long term. That goes for the engine and pipe.

The best money I spent, but still not worth it, was buying full TTX Ohlins suspension, front and rear. The bike steered like a RM after that because there is a lot of inherent flex in the stock forks, which by the way do a great job of absorbing bumps. The stock ones do. But the TTX allows the bike to go faster in a straight line down the straights, and turns surgically in the turns. This mod is worth about 1 second a lap. I could loose that if I just trained more!!!!! LOL

That's why I said it isn't worth the money.

2008 and 2009 bikes are a different story....

@Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens: Which maps do you run? One you made or something like the marmont map? Personnally I really like the marmont, just curious to know which map the AMA guy thought was so awesome


How much quieter are the 2012 pipes? Any decibel numbers by any chance? I race hare scrambles and the AMA is requiring a 94 decibel limit this year, last year my stock 2011 muffler with a LEXX s/a and "quiet" insert was right at 94... I'm thinking of putting the end cap on a 2012 muffler instead of spending the $300 for a Q4 Hex.

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