How to tell a wr400/426 from a 03-06 wr450 bottom end only.

Hey guys i'm going to check out a 2004 wr450 bottom end. I'm buying it for the transmission to put in my yz. Just wanted to make sure it is not a yz/wr400/426 bottom end. I was wondering if any one new any engine #'s/codes or any thing to help identiy or any other visuals. From what i'm told it is mostly pulled apart.

Never mind i'm stupid. IT has a hole for a stater!!!!! :lame:

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Look at the hole in the case at the base of the cylinder. Where oil would pass from the clutch to the crank. 426 and 400 will have a round hole . The 450 will have a oval passage. To be clear its the hole in the case above the primary gear

And a 03+ WR will have estart .

And a 03+ WR will have estart .

That is what I went off of. I think I got a good deal on it. I got a 04 wr bottom end complete minus clutch basket and stator for 250. I bought it just for the trans for my YZ but I'm really not sure I want to put it in. I think I'm going to do a few desert races on the 4 speed and see how it goes. the wr trans from the 03-06 seem pretty hard to find so I just bought it any ways lol.

I would think you will want the 5 speed . We will see I guess

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