WR426 with Yz cam mod and grey wire mods

Hi guys,

I have a WR426 01 Just wondering if i change to YZ cam timing and grey wire mod will the bike overheat like the YZF's do i brought the WR to climb rocky hills nice and steady without overheating, but of course i wouldnt mind a bit more get up and go so i thought i would ask your opinions



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I wasn't aware that the YZF's overheat. At least as long as you can keep some air flowing thru the radiators that is. So bringing your WR up to YZF standards shouldn't increase your boil-over issues any, as long as you do the same and keep some air flowing thru those larger than YZ radiators.

thats what i meant with the WR's you can climb hills nice and slowly with no overheating so im thinking the yzf timing she would overheat a little easier,

Are the Wr radiators bigger than the YZF's i wasnt aware of that



Yes, the WR radiators are larger than the YZF's.

Ok thanks maniacs would you recommend the yz Cam timing for enduro

Hmmmm.........................................that's an interesting question. I'm sure your terrain is missing the same ingrediant as our terrain here in Montana, traction. And with limited traction with terrafirma, I wouldn't use the YZ timing, but that's me. Smooth power is easier power to keep the rear wheel hooked up and moving forward. But what I would do if I was you, would be to try it. Heck, you might be alot better rider than me and can adapt with a skilled throttle hand, whereas I'm just a heavy handed brute, no finesse for me! :(

used to ride a 2 stroke so this promises to be fun,

Thanks for your input Maniac

I now understand what you were talkin about MANIAC the rear tire would not grip at all but was heaps of fun I didnt do the grey wire mod yet but this thing hauls ass rolling in 3rd give it a crack and shes up on the rear, awesome 36 degree day today I was rooted 20 mins into the ride then even more rooted when I had to restart the beast but that just technique ive got to work on all in all yz timing thumbs up

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