2000 yz426 ring tolerance?

I just got my brand new wiseco piston In and I wana throw it in the bike, my only question is what is the ring tolerance? I don't have a manual it never came with the bike when I bought it thanks in advance

Thanks greyracer you have alot of knowledgable answers and I always apreciat when you answer my questions

If you have a new piston then you should have the needed paper work to figure out your ring gap.

Always use the piston manufactures specs, Yamaha did not make that piston or rings so why would you gap them to there spec.

When they're available, that's fine, but for a huge majority of the time, you'll find that the OEM and aftermarket rings will call for end gap numbers that are very nearly identical.

Compression rings will run roughly .003" per inch of bore, while oil rings are closer to .005" per inch of bore.

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