Does anyone Rewind stators for a yz 450 201-2013

I want to make a high output staor to put on my bike? Give me anyone and everyone I could call on htis. I want to make an enduro bike out of one of my old YZs.

You know your stator already produces 110w at 14 vdc?

If you think you'd need more, contact Ricky Stator.

Baja Designs had a DP kit listed on their online catalog. I called and it is discontinued. I talked to someone in tech support at Baja Designs and he said that the flasher (turn signal) played havoc on the electrics and would not work. Actually, with all the Jap MX bikes with Fuel Injection, none of them would work.

I thought that it would too Gray, but they said no. Causes problems. I figured if I hooked up a battery in parallel with the rectifier and used a diode, it should work too. They said no.

I talked to thejunkman on here and he said the same thing. Amp draw is to high at certain loads and the stator wouldn't handle it. It is my understanding that it would put out 115 watts, but only for short bursts. Too much and the coils would go.

Amp draw for the coil is too high. I know some guys on here said that it works, but Baja tested it and said no.

I just have a 2010 sitting and I would really like to make it road legal. I can get the paperwork done, no problem. Just wish there was a way to run the lights without a total loss battery system.

I see they do this in Europe. anyone from across the pond care to elaborate?!

Edited by Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

How many watts are you trying to get out of it?

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