stainless oil filters?

lately ive been thinking about investing in a stainless steel reusable oil filter because doing oil changes every 7 hrs is getting pretty pricey. believe me i understand the whole " oil changes are cheap, motors are expensive " expression, but im a college kid on a semi-limited budget so im trying to cut costs when i can. but have a couple of thoughts about these stainless filters.

- do they filter as well as the K&N paper filters i currently use?

- have you ever had an issue running one of these filters?

- which brand of filter should i buy and which should i avoid?

thank you in advance!

I've used a Scotts stainless oil filter since the first oil change. I've put 302.1 hours on my engine, and I don't see any negative using the stainless filter. They filter more consistently than a paper filter. There is more information here:

I change the oil and clean the filter every 6-8 hours, and at over 40 oil changes, I've saved quite a bit of money.

I've heard some negative feedback about other stainless steel oil filters, but nothing bad about the Scotts. I would recommend it.

thank you! ill check it out and get one ordered! :thumbsup:

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