WR450 2006 - Headlight replacement

Howdy all,

Picked up a 06 WR450 this week in pretty average condition. Along with the usual stuff, its got beaten up plastics and water pump is leaking, thanks to the FAQ i know this is common.

Also i need to change the front headlght plastics and maybe the headlight as well.

Can anyone suggest a good aftermarket replacement for the stock one ??

Thanks in advance !

I put the Polisport Halo H4 on my 05. It comes with a 35W/35W halogen bulb. I have not had the need to really test the light output after dark but it seems like it would be adequate.


Just fitted


With label removed.


In the field a few months later after swapping the white plastic with black.

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yeah thats looks cool .. i shall look into this.

thanks mate !

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