Road sprocket

Looking for the right number of teeth for long rides at about 55-60 mph. I ride my bike to work as often as I can and I fill rpm are too high for too long. WR450. :)

One tooth off the rear will drop the rev`s a little and still keep it responsive off road,one tooth on the front will drop the rev`s alot and will make it harder for the motor to pick up rev`s quick!,front is handy for changing gearing from road to dirt,but maybe two off the rear would be a good compromise for you?

Thanks Captain, two off the rear sounds good to me. Scotland thats cool! I hope someday to visit. Thanks again for your reply :)

My gearage for the road is 16-43. It is too much though. Try 16-44 or 45 if you have a 16t on the front.

My next setup will be 15-43. That would allow me gear 15-50 for the trail...

The engine purrs at 60 mph with such gearings... :)

Thanks Math. Any brand recommendation?

Not really, I don't even remember the brand name I bought the last time. I know there are great durable sprockets out there but my budget did not allow me to afford those this year... :D :D (talking about Renthal and others...) Just don't buy the ones with aluminium teeth. Weight saving but not tough enough to my opinion :).

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