what's the best boot going right now

I'm going to buy a new pair of boots and was wondering what everybody likes.

I've done a search on boots and everybody has their opinions on tech 8's and 6's was wondering if it's still a bad opinion(soft soles).

any opinion on any other boot is good to.

I have a pair of gaerne's now that I've had for 10 years but it's time to retire them. I'll have the retirement ceremony this week I hope..

Right now I'm using a pair of Tech 8's which I like very much. They're comfortable enough to wear around all day and the soles seem to be holding up very well. In addition the buckles are replaceable and the arch has a block that is replaceable as well (on the bottom). They're my first pair of real boots so I don't have much to compare to, but I have no complaints so far.

A vote for Tech 8's here


Tech 8's for me!

Hands down it's Tech 8's

Tec 8s are comfortable from day one.

Make it yet another vote for the Tech 8's. Best boot I've

ever owned. Buy an extra set of booties though if you're

going to ride back-to-back days. They take some time

to dry.

Although I don't have any, I've heard many good things about the Sidi Force boot. I like the Gaerne SG1 as well, for the price. There is some boot reviews at dirtrider.net if you want to check that out.

OK - I'm going against the grain here. I didn't like the Tech 8's when I looked for boots. The buckles were a little sharp and difficult to quickly manipulate. The bootie thing was a hassle. At least on my foot it was not easy to get "into" the boot properly. I won't question the safety aspects however. I thought the tech 6's to be a little cheaply made considering the price (no offense intended to tech 6/8 owners).

After trying on all the "high end" boots (Axo RC5, Sidi Force, Tech 6/8, Gaerne SG1) I ended up with Gaerne SG1's. I though they fit my feet well (size 11 wide) and were very well made.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Steve T

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Tech 8's Rule They break in nicely and the bootys are very comfortable

I love my Tech'6 Just got them back from Alpinestars. $80 to resole and cap. Tech'8 are nice to but a little heaver. Tech 10's are coming soon.

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tech 8's I have had them for a year and no problems I wouldn't have had with any other boots. (moto damadge to buckles)

Another against the grain opinion. I have the MSR top line boot (which are made by Alpinestar) and really like them. They too have the replacable insert on the sole. They are cheaper than the Tech 8's too. I have had mine for two years and they are still in great shape. Since I ride on my instep instead of the ball of my foot I have had to replace the sole insert once. They do not have the bootie but still offer great protection.


I really like my Tech 6's, because I couldn't justify the extra cash. Plus, the 6's are a little less bulky, and lighter. You should also look at the SIDI Force and the Acerbis Sphere. Man, do I hate shopping for boots...

Tech 8's are the best boot I've had, but of course the trade off for safety is that they are very heavy. Mine have the old style buckles which all face the same way. I've heard that with the new style, off road guys have had problems with brush popping the buckles open. Break in was quick and painless and you get used to the booties real quick. Don't order by mail unless you try them on at a shop first as the bootie requires that you buy at least a size bigger than usual.

My turn.

I cannot think of anything more easy and cozy than a set of Alpine Vectors.

Do yourself a favor and try a pair on.

My only concern was it needed a little more arc support for the foot - remedied by a SuperFeet insert.

It's the only boot I know that doesn't require break in and goes on and come off with ease.

Why they haven't promoted these boots more is beyond me. Perhaps they don't offer as much protection as the Tech 8's.

I have never tried Tech 8's, but I love my Tech 6 boots.


Moto747, what do you know about Tech 10's? I just bought new Tech 8's, about my 4th pair, and I called Astars before I bought them to see if they had anything new coming. Of course, they said no, so they can continue to sell existing inventory. I guess when we see factory riders wearing them, they will be along shortly thereafter.

DaveJ, when the Vectors came out, I called Astars and asked which boot is better for MX. They strongly recommended the Tech 8. I believe it is better because it is stiffer, taller, way more supportive, and may have a stiffer shank.

The buckles are one of the worst features on this otherwise great boot. They have sharp corners which can be painful and can cut fingers. I file down the sharp points. The bootie and boots are a little narrow, but after a short break in time, they conform well and offer great support and protection.

Tech 8's :)

ScottF - Your fourth pair of Tech 8'?

Is there a day you don't ride?

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