Hey guys i am wondering if you can help me out choosing a tyre for my 2003 wr450.

I have these sizes to choose from and want to know what i should go.

Would this first one be ok for rear or what size would be best?

110/100-18", 90/90-21" or 80/100-21"

Tires are a highly subjective subject, so you won't get many replies, or you'll get 400 different responses!! I typically run the largest rear tire I can on my '06 WR450, as I like the large footprint it offers. Others will tell you to run a narrower one so that you don't hinder the turning ability of your machine. What do you have on your machine right now? Size & Brand/Model? Which Brand/model are you looking at for a replacement?

My wr is plated so the tires need to be dot rated, my personal favorite is the pirelli xcmh, they work well here in the northeast from sand to rock gardens to mud and everywhere in between. I run the same size as stock for my 05

I also ride a fair amount of asphalt but don't need dot tires I have found the Maxxis Desert IT to be a fairly long lasting tire without being too slippery off road. I also like the larger foot print. On my 07 Wr 450 stock is 80/100/21__110/100/18. I run 90/100/21____120/100/18.

120/100 rear. lots of good options, maxxis desert IT, Dunlop D803, Pirelly XCMH...

90/90 or 90/100 front. my fav is the Dunlop D908 RR.. Maxxis Desert IT is good too

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