YZ426 suspension tuning

Hi folks. Just getting some input hopefully here. I have been getting my '00 426 set up for my weight and speed, and am running .49 front springs and a 6.0 rr spring. I am a 240lb Int. MX'er, and these springs are just about right. My ride height is OK, free sag is fine, and fork sag is just about right as well.

The problem I am having is severe bottoming of both shock and fork. :) I can bottom both hard on SX style takeoff ramps, and on flat landings, like missing a landing ramp by overjumping. Also whoops can cause hard bottoming, as well as the deep rollers on loamier tracks, like at VP this past weekend. Not just a soft bottoming out, but a rather hard one. Now I can tune most of it out in the fork by increasing the oil level, but of course the shock is different.

Amy tips before I have to revalve these puppies? FYI, I can go to max on compression adjusters and STILL bottom on heavy low speed compression loads. The suspension works decently except under those conditions. Seems to be a low speed compression damping issue...and probably going to have to go into the valve stack to fix it.

I would prefer to make the stock suspension be acceptable, and am willing to give up some small bump compliance to make the bottoming resistance better.

Now I realize I am not exactly lightweight LOL, but I can't be the only "heavyweight" Int. level rider...can I ?

BTW, any good suspension tuners in the Houston, TX area?

You're simply "overpowering" the valving with your weight. Sounds like you've done about as much as you can short of swapping shims.


You have done what I always reccommend , by putting in the correct springs first before revalving. Obviously, for your type of riding the stock valving just isnt enough.

I agree with Tuner, its time for a revalve.

The only advise I can tell you about locating a competant suspension guy in texas is to call as many tuners as you can and ask alot of questions. You will find a big variance in prices, just make sure you find out what is "included with the base price". One shop might offer you a cheaper price, only to find out that in the end they charged you "extra" for oil, shims, etc.

A revalve isnt cheap, so ask alot of questions, better to find everything you can about a tuner before you have the work done than afterwards.

Another question to ask, see if they use the stock base valve pistons or is they use thier own design.

Make sure the one you choose will offer you 100% money back guarentee on his work. If he wont do that, find another shop.

Take Care, John

Has anyone had their 426 done by MX-Tech? Their prices are high, wonder if there is that much difference between them and other suspension shops?

Seth, my forks were done by mx-tech last winter and they work very well, they are very plush, don't bottom and don't have that soft spot in the middle of the travel. The only thing I have noticed is the right seal is starting to leak. I would recomend them. mike

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