graphics for ims tank

Hi, I have a 99 wr400 and i was wondering what grapchics would fit on an ims tank. the stock gas tank graphics dont fit. Thanks

I'm sure that IMS sells graphics......

Which IMS tank? IMS has graphics listed on their site for the YZF oversize and the WRF 4gal., but nothing for the TyDavis signature tank. Also, ZipTy no longer makes the graphics they used to make for the 98-02 signature tanks. :)

Rant: What's worse is that all the normal aftermarket graphics guys seem to be concentrating on the 03 and up, leaving only a few choices for the older bikes. This confuses me since the older bikes span 5 years, that's a lot of potential graphics to sell.

Picked up my graphics kit for my Ty Davis IMS through CEET.Only one design to choose from though :)

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