newbie need some info on wr400 and jumping

hi, i just got my wr400 a few weeks ago and i was wondering what some of your guys techniques are for jumping. I hit a single the other day and I landed vertical(back tire on ground), what did I do wrong? I was also wondering what the weight of the wr400 is. Any info would be great. Thanks

Not sure about the jumping technique, but the 99wr400 weigh's around 260-265 with all the fluids.

On jumps you rev off of the lip. :D Back-off while in the air. If you need to bring the front down, apply the rear brake while in the air. Also, your body position may be too far back. Try to center youself over the pegs. The main thing is practice, practice, practice :)

Use the search engine of this forum with jumping as a criterion. We've been talking a lot about jumping in the last 2 or three weeks in the WR4xx forum but also in the "general" forum. You will find a lot of info.

Ciao :)

Do not rev it in the air. Drops the whole bike and you don't get your distance....

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