New 2 Thumpers and Already Need to Say Thanks

Just bought a slightly used 01 426. I've been wanting a 4 stroke ever since the original 400 came out. The problem has been my sponsor/dealer/friend only sold Kaw/Suz. I couldn't wait any longer so I took the plunge and bought the 426.

I wanted to thank all of the guru's that post in this forum, I've had the bike a week and have learned enough to know what a "fuel" screw is, and just as important, that my 426's fuel screw needed an adjustment (throttle bog). Also, found some much needed answers to my oil, chain & gearning, and tire questions.

Tomorrow night will be my first night on the MX track and am sooooo looking forward to it (rode a bit at Dumont this weekend but not must as my 00 KX 250 was set up with the paddle).

The only question I have left is how do you get the oil strainer nut off? I swear mine is welded on. Seems to me like the previous owner never pulled that out to check it (I know bad).

Just from the little I've ridden it so far I can say the thing rips!

The oil stainer nut if very difficult to initially get off (mine had paint on it) but with a good tight wrench and some leverage I got it off. After getting it off it was clean. I decided then and there it wasn't worth removing very often and to only do it annually or semi-annually. If it is still clean then not to do it at all anymore.

24mm deep well socket. It'll come off.

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