Erica rally in oz

is anyone in Oz doing the Erica 2-day rally this week-end? Going to do a pre-ride tomorrow as a mate of mine tells me its all been marked out, I'll let anyone whose interested what the conditions are like (but I think its going to be a wet one some how).

Yeah Splint Im going in the Erica... got a bit of a scare earlier today with the announcement it had been called off! But got another email saying its not called off..only the VIC Enduro series has been called off.

Apparantly Erica has had approx 160mm of rain! Its going to be very moist :)

I would have liked to head up for pre-ride, but I'll let it dry out a little before Saturday. Im also doing the ride report for the site.

Let me know what number you are.. the numbers are at the emd website.

Also doing the Kenda Rally in June.

No, its definately not been called off, I didn't get as much of a pre-ride today as I would of liked as my bike threw a rock up at my brother which smashed through his Scott nose guard, gave him four stitches in his top lip and then smashed three of his teeth out to boot, I'm feeling pretty bad about it even though it was just an accident.

Anyway, as we were waiting for the car we met up with some of the guys from DMCC who were franticly re-routing some tracks due to the large amount of rain that they've had. some of the tracks were really chopped up I can only imagine what they would be like on the Sunday after 500 bikes had already been through. I am looking forward to Sat and Sun, 201 is my number and brother is 202 so call out if you see team Foster in our Union Jacks!!! :D:):D :D

Should definately be a hoot! Did you get any riding done up there? What was the terrain and conditions like with the tracks you did go on?

Sorry about your Bro! I can only imagine how much that would have hurt right on the upper lip and nose..ouch!

Well we are numbers 500, 501 and 502, so I will hopefully catch up and say G'day. Unfortunately we have had to cut our stay back to one day due to some unforseen circumstances!

check you l8r :)

The tracks that we did get to ride on were pretty good, quite tight and twisty and quite technical in parts a lot more challenging than the Blue Light, the soil composition is quite similar to that of Noogee, muddy on top with hard clay underneath. If we dont get anymore rain I think its going to be a top weekend of riding, just the right amount of mud, a word of warning though I wouldn't recommend any kamakazi passing moves as there was a few nasties, like logs and stumps just waiting to be hit on the edges of the narrow tracks. Apart from that have a good set of tyres on and it should be a hoot.

Talked to my brother today, the dentist said it'll cost him around four grand to fix his teeth, thank god for the TAC who'll hopefully pick up the bill.

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