Oil level Question.


Last weekend I could not start my bike. I was wondering about something, is it normal

for oil to be behind the ignition cover?

I checked the oil in the resivor and it seems like it was low. I was wondering if the

seal was leaking



Keep in mind that if you check the oil level without first running the bike for a couple of minutes it will read low. Mine will read about half the length of the hatched area on the dip stick higher after I run the bike. As far as oil behind the ignition cover, I'm not sure. Doesn't seem right unless there is some overflow vent somewhere.

i get a little (not much ) oil seepage behing that cover too...??? seems to run ok... my dad has that on his xr200, too. maybe just a leaky seal?... i'm not worried about it on my. the oil seems to stay pretty constant.

I read a product report on the Pro Circuit ignition cover and it was stated that it leaked oil out of the screw in plug.So I would think it is normal.

If you talking about the left engine cover, the answer is yes.

Which means if you pull the cover or any of the two plugs, oil will leak or get pumped out.

And yes, only check the oil after the bike has been run for about a minute.


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