Top clamps ?

What type of clamps is everyone using? Are some better than others? Taller? My son's yz125 set up seems really tall and kinda encourages you to stand more. He has stock clamps. I would really like to give my bars a taller feel. Any suggestions?

You can try bar risers. I got 1.5" up x 1.5" forward risers from I dont think they are listed on the site, but you can get the phone # from the site.

They really open the bike up and make it easy to stand if your tall.


I just got the new Renthal triple clamp and will be testing it this weekend.

I use the Renthal Fat bar with the MC bend, but I hear that the Jimmy Button pro taper is the best for taller guys

I'll keep you posted

Applied with Yamaha bend Pro Tapers and 10mm taller bar clamps, any taller and the cables would be too short on my bike.

Yamimoto, I have an Apllied top clamp with 10mm plus mnts and a tag 2 CR double high bar which is higher than any other bars I've found and I have no problem with the stock cables on my 00 426. mike

Earlier this year I took Mikes advise about the forward risers from It was the best single thing I have added to the bike. I believe they were $90. I am 6'0" #195 and for me they really helped when standing and getting up on the seat in the corners.


check out the clamps on i have them and they are the best

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