Trying to ID a factory shock spring.

I bought a complete shock some time back from a fellow that was parting a WR bike out. My thought at the time was that the valving would be better for me than my factory 2003 YZ250 valving for woods riding. I've since had my shock revalved and would like to sell the shock and spring. I would like to identify the factory spring if possible. It's dark charcoal grey with a yellow paint dot. The wire diameter is .449". It's free length looks to be 10 5/16". Any help would be appreciated.


The Yamaha manual has a section, I believe it's in Tuning, where you can look up the spring rate using the yellow dot code that you found on the spring. Just be aware that the stock springs used by all of the manufacturers have huge tolerances in there spring rate. Just because they call it a 5.0 doesn't mean it is! It can measure anywhere from 4.8 to 5.1, when actually measured!!

Here you go

Type spring rate Spring Part no. ID Colour Spring Free Length

soft 4.3 5UN-22212-00 Brown 260mm

soft 4.5 5UN-22212-10 Green 260mm

soft 4.7 5UN-22212-20 red 260mm

soft 4.9 5UN-22212-30 black 260mm

soft 5.1 5UN-22212-40 Blue 260mm

soft 5.3 5UN-22212-50 Yellow 260mm

std 5.5 5UN-22212-60 Pink 260mm

hard 5.7 5UN-22212-70 White 260mm

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Guys I really appreciate the help and the information you gave me. I hoping to be able to sell the shock with one of the three different springs I have and maybe help someone get their bike sprung correctly at the same time. Thanks again


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