Bent subframe '11 YZ450

So yesterday I crashed pretty hard, I put a good ding in my muffler, bent my radiator a little, Thrashed both fenders and bent the sub frame. So I got a new rear fender and after I mounted it I noticed it was higher on the muffler side, not by much (3 degree cant). I pulled the number plates, muffler, and took the subframe completely off, I cant see exactly where it is tweaked. When I reinstalled everything, all of the bolt holes lined up perfectly, and the muffler clears the tire just fine. My question is would it be really worth it to risk breaking the subframe while trying to bend it back, or spend 450.00 on a new subframe? Its just so slightly off that Im thinking about just leaving it, for now. What do you guys think, I will get some pics uploaded, but its so hard to tell in the pictures that it is bent.



We just straightened my brothers 06 yesterday. Pulled all rear plastics and Left it on the bike and used a crow bar, they are amazingly strong flex a lot and can be bent back. We used a track stand on level ground and a spirit level to check progress. Make sure you have the bar above the gusseted area so as it will twist the whole subframe and not just bend the back of it.

I seem to eat through subframes. I am on my fourth....

First one http://www.thumperta...42#entry9467355 (Post #10)

The new replacement bent in a little crash http://www.mxsponsor...eo-gallery/3533

Bought a used one off Ebay and it bent when I high sided in a slow corrner

I have another (new) Ebay subframe sitting at home wiating for me when I get back.

I have come to the conclusion that they are ment to bend and never be bent back. My father and brother tried to help me straighten one out....with a 4 foot steel pipe. I am 100% sure the frame would of broken before we got it anywhere near straight.

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Hi dont throw you old subframes out. Your main frame with the motor all bolted up is super strong, unless it is twisted real bad, you should be able to bend them back. We used a six foot solid bar and swung off it both sides. We are around 90- 100 kgs each. We did it on a hot day, you could also use heat.

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