Hi for the past season I have been running 13/50 gearing.

I reasently rode my bros 06 with 14/50 gearing and liked the gearing more.

2011 450, I'm 92kg.

Since then I put on a 14 front and an extra link and I have to say its much better for mx.

I never would use first on the track anyway so now only in very tight hairpin corners would I get back to first gear.

The other big plus is you get more out of each gear between changes, and second gear starts get you further up the straight before a change.

Also in the whoops (jumping size) it used to be 2nd gear reving too hard or 3rd with some clutch, now second is comfortable.

Anyone else come to this conclusion.

I prefer high gearing as well. I ride mainly hard scrambles and GP and I run either 14/50 or 14/49 depending on my wheel set.

I have all ways used the 13/50. I liked it but wanted to try something different. I tried the stock 13/48 but for mx tracks I ride on seemed to be too tall for 3rd gear. This year I'm triing a 13/49 combo

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