Need Carb help on 2003 YZ450

The carb on my buddies bike has been acting weird lately. Periodically it just free flows fuel from tank out of hoses to the ground when you turn the fuel on. Is there some way the bowl can get stuck open perhaps? Also doesn't idle well. Will go from high rev to normal idle without any help from rider. Much popping on deceleration (which I believe is a carb issue too).

What should I be looking for? Any links to a removal and 'rebuild' of the carb on this bike? It can't be that hard... right? Any help appreciated.

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Sounds like you should look for a bunch of dirt. All it takes is a tiny speck of grit on the float needle to hold it open. Popping and stumbling could be a pilot jet with a varnish deposit. You'll never be able to see that, though, so read this:

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