Piston Type

easy, neither. go oem, same price if not cheaper than the wiseco kit. just look it up on there website. you just have to buy the parts individually.

I've been running the Vertex BB pistons for a couple years now. They are very good quality...but if I was running a stock bore I'd go with OEM.

+1 for OEM

ok I will order oem. Can someone help me with a parts list or know where I can find one?

Another vote for OEM Parts. These should be all you'll need for the whole job.

33D-116A0-00-00 Piston Kit (piston, rings, clips, wrist pin)

33D-11181-00-00 Head Gasket

33D-11351-00-00 Base Gasket

94591-57122-00 Cam Chain

4FM-12213-00-00 Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket

That should be everything you need. Might as well do a cam chain while your in there. You'll need a flywheel puller if you do the chain.

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its 10$ cheaper at rockymountain to piece together the piston kit than it is to buy the piston kit. for a 2010 that is. its like 135 for piston, clips, pin and rings.

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