YZ400F '98 Valve Clearences ???

Can somebody please tell me the correct Valve clearences as I got a workshop Manual with the bike but believe it or not this is the only page that is missing I am so peeved off about that . Thanks guys thanks a lot :D

(Sorry I meant 400 not 440 just a mis-type maybe confused some ppl :))

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Am at work right now, just drew a blank. I'll get back to you tomorrow! :)

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OK if you could please BTW as you can see I had a mis-type I meant YZ400F not 440 duuuuh :)

Exhaust2= .010" - .012"

Intake3 = .006" - .008"

You can have a machine shop grind the shim down a couple of thou's to spec. if you need to button it back up real quick. Otherwise Yamaha may take a few days depending in their stock.

For instance : .005" reading at intake would mean grinding off .002 to get back within range.

BTW mine is '99 but they must be same I guess.

Take care and please work patiently.

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thanks a lot mate thats great I can now continue thanks for the other info too but I think the guy I use for parts will have them he never lets me down :)

thanks again

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