Important Outdoor Recreational Alert!

Very easy they do all the work for you.

The Forest Service is currently seeking comments on the Roadless rule. Many outdoor recreation enthusiasts had been asking the Administration to re-open the comment period and now the Administration has complied.

But the comment period ends September 10th and anti-access forces are bombarding the Forest Service with thousands of comments supporting the Roadless Rule - that is limiting public access to federal lands.

That's why I urge you to TAKE ACTION TODAY by registering on the Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) web site Once you have registered, visit the Action Center and send your comments to the Forest Service.

We must ACT NOW to make sure that outdoor recreation enthusiasts make their voices heard! The Forest Service and the Administration need to know that many Americans do not support the Roadless policy hastily constructed by the Clinton Administration.

You can also help by forwarding this message on to others and encouraging them to register on the ARRA web site.

Thank you for taking time consider this issue that is of such great importance to those of us who enjoy the outdoors. PLEASE ACT TODAY!

Visit today.

Every now and then these posts come along stating that our rights are about to be taken away from some act or bill with little detail to what bill or act is realy about.

In the ones that I have reviewed, I have seldom seen any relation to what you want us to support to that of OHV interests.

In addition to this, some of these bills and acts can be very difficult to understand. In that, what you say they will do, is seldom the outcome that they are designed for.

And I'm not sure how to approach a web site that puts hikers and OHV guys as together as one cohesive group. I'll have to assume there's a catch in there somewhere.

In other words, if you want to pledge on this site, and get registered users in a broad campaign, be a little more specific. We're not a bunch of cattle to be blindly herded.


Thanks for the info, but I have a question. You mention Sept. 10th as the comment deadline below, is that a typo?


You are correct the date on that is past due. I suggest going to the site and checking it out for yourself, there are plenty of issues that still need our support. ARRA look like one of the good guys they make fighting the cause very simple.

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