Has anyone made a 426 into a dual sport

I live in DE, and apparently you can ride in some of the state forests in NJ if you have licensed bike.

So, I was wondering if anyone has tried to license (tag) a YZ 426, and if it was a pain, or not too bad. Do you know of any good dual sport kits ???

I guess, I should address this question to people on the east coast. I know there are states ( CO ) where even a scud missle can be legal with little fuss.

Thanks for your time.


I live in MD and I got my YZ taged about 2 months ago. I used the Baja kit. They also sold a WR retro fit stator and cdi (which was cheaper than getting it from the dealer) so that I could run the lights. I purchased a WR can and headlight from one of the WR riders on this site. The can (with core) is necessary to get pass the sound requirements. And I wanted the light so that I could use it instead of the Baja light after I passed inspection. For the most part the instructions were fairly well and included pictures which help. I took my time with the installation. I can't see it taking anyone more than two evenings after work to complete. Oh, I did have to get a kickstand from Baja and some bicycle mirrors from Sports Authority. The inspection went very smooth. I was worried about my certificate stating off road use only, but with the inspection slip I had no problems. I don't think I lost any of the YZ snap with the WR stator and I think the extra flywheel weight helps in the woods.

Good luck!

I set up my 00 426 with the WR stator and ign. and lost 3 miles per hour top speed, even switched back to the YZ stuff to verify and the speed came back. Other than that, all was about the same as the above!!!

Try Baja Designs.com they have a kit for every state. 2001 YZ 426F 1996 Xr 650 L

If you are interested, I have a Baja Designs blue dual sport kit I will sell for a very good price. E-mail me at oabike@home.com


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