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Washington monster Snow Bike Garage

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Pasted from my FB, PNWR and BCR topics.


I can tell the way he clears the logs and debris it's pretty balanced out, probably solves the need for all the tunnel ballast like fuel cans, and storage totes, the smaller single cylinder Mountain Horse riders need. Prob. no more nose weight than the KTM690 or a XR650R would be. This project with a turbo would probably last and last and give many a mountain sled an exercise! I laugh every time when some newbie shows of his new ride with an oversize tank on their 450, their told not to by Allen and crew.


Suzuki TL1000 power I once had this idea for my perimeter Kawasaki KX250 frame, found a complete engine for sale in Vancouver WA for $350 no harness though. Folks have tried inline fours but the weight carry's too forward, the v twin would balance out, I was able to lift the engine easily although no accessories, throttle body's, exhaust, etc...




















Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/396600943744321/


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Go big or go home

I fired it up and took it for a rip down the road... I was unintentionally spinning the 155" track in 3rd gear as soon as it would hit the pipe, just above idle :face-icon-small-sho. Makes my hi comp YZ450F feel like an XR200. Can't wait to get it in the snow.







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Is that a wing, or a ski? That thing is huge! I doubt your ski will spend a lot of time on the ground. I mounted my track up today, looking toward BC.

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This is awesome! Just got my LT put on my 450. My ice age nitrous oxide kit is supposed to be here next week. Is anybody riding yet? We were thinking of heading to the coquihalla this weekend. Is there anything open in Wa? Can't wait to ride this thing!

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