Racer X 07 YZ 450 tested


Very good article but a bit of a dream to find another yzf for $300, that is still decent enough to rebuild? Or any other rebuilder in that price range that isnt roached out or 10+ years old.

And somehow I think the total cost of parts came to more then $2k.


It somehow or other always finds a way to roll up to around that figure. I've got one here that needs a top end and valves, but no crank. The owner wants to pass on the crank , but he wants all the bearings replaced. Parts for that are about $1800. Add a $350 crank and what have you got?

it looks like they replaced a lot of stuff they didnt need to.. they could have gotten it back to like new stock form for much cheaper.

They had ~$900 in the cams/exhaust/wheels.

Grey, how do you know if you need new valves? Is it somethign you just do over time as preventative maint. or do you wait till it fails a leakdown or what?

When your bike gets hard to start its usually time for valves. Shim them once and the check them again in a few hours to see if they've tightind up. Mx time does good head work and for a decent price. They could have done the fork seal and oil themselves, they rebuilt the bottom end but sent the forks off? Other than that they stayed realistic. The 07 is a fun bike for sure.

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