I was wondering what people think? I can get the mega bomb for another 100 bucks is it worth it? Or should I save the 100 bucks and go with the power bomb? Or better yet should I live with the stock one for free lol? I believe I have read here though most agree the power bomb is pretty good. I ride desert so everything to tight rocks and WFO terrain. Right now the bike is a bottom to mid monster and I love it. But I just picked up a FMF TI 4 muffler so I figured why not compliment it.

Well, -- i am the caretaker of several older bikes right now, and my personal philosophy for them is to not spend any more money on them than is necessary (outside of maintenance, of course) --- i'd rather tune the power a bit with gearing changes. If i don't spend the money on go-fast parts within the first year, i just leave it alone from there, so i'd probably leave it stock ---

On the flip side, i'm a little OCD too, so if i had an FMF muff-- i'd likely have to compliment it with a header pipe too--laughs . Don't forget to re-jet afterwards (although that goes without saying)

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