Paging Mr. Bandicoot


while i'm not rob, i'd let you follow me and my 250f around the track with your *new* crf. :)

[ October 30, 2001: Message edited by: SUnruh ]

sunruh just wear a chest protector & you should be ok from all the roost i will be serving up. :D

you got any fuzzy dice to hang from the bars of your lowrider yet :)

Is RPMX even open hmmmmmmm


if we talk any more SMACK, we are gonna need some chapstick! :)

i'll talk to steve, last i heard the insurance had expired and he was very unsure if he was gonna pony up the $5000 to renew it for another year. it's the insurance premiums that are killing him.

hmmm the track has a pretty low injury record.... any idea of why on the increase? its only 10 min from my house :)

Maybe he should open more weekends to make up the cash... specially in the winter when there are no series going on for 3-4 months

Hey I am thinking of heading out to RPMX this sunday if they are open....

Hey Loopout,

I might be able to make it if their open. Went to Lakeside last night, the new layout is pretty cool. Chris Thomas and I went out to VP on Sunday and it was a blast. Sure would like to try out your new CRF450. :)


yeah we went to VP sat... it was rough but had a blast...


I called RPMx tonight and they are going to be open from 10am to 4pm on Sunday...See ya there???

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