Need a 19" rear rim?

I have a 2008 WR450 and it has the stock 18" rim. I want to go up to a 19" so i can buy my buddies ice tires. I assume the cheapest way to get a 19" is to get a new rim and spoke set and keep the original hub? I'm not looking to spend a fortune,as I'm not a hard rider. So what are my best options and are the rims bike specific?

Also I'll constantly be on the look out for a used rim, but what bikes/years are swappable if i get the hub included?

And if anyone has any other suggestions, ideas or info i'd love to hear it cause I'm a bit of a noob. Also Canadian, so if someone knows a good supplier.


The 06-08 YZ450 rear wheels will fit the 08 WR. The 09 YZ450 rear wheel will not fit as the axel diameter is larger.

You should be able to find a used YZ rear wheel on flebay.

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