Replace Clutch Disc?

Heres the situation. I was riding out at Superstition Mountain near Octillo Wells. I was riding in a lot of Sand hills. Almost when we get to our destination "Sand Dam" I lay by 2004 Yam yz450f down kinda softly. All of a sudden I can't can shift and it stuck in like a 1st / 2nd gear and when I go to give some Throttle I High Rev and barely move.

Later I'm stuck with no gear changing and have to get towed back to camp. When I get back I let it cool. After awhile I start it back up and its shifts into gear but it High revs and barely pulls. As in when I apply throttle in kinda starts pulling and gripping then I apply a little more and nothing.

Just High Revs and barely goes. ??? Did I just go thru a Clutch and need to Plates or need some adjustment?

Can anyone help me before I end spending too much money and get fix it cheaper? Anything to inspect?

thanks. :ride:

You would want to check that you still have free play in your clutch lever. If you do and it is still slipping, then you need to inspect your clutch plates.

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