Pics "From The Saddle" of my WR

It seems every time I go riding I end up with a picture taken while sitting on the bike that shows the trail ahead. Some of these turned out pretty good so Ithought I would start a new thread with pictures "From The Saddle". Here are a few of my favorites:




Those look great. Thanks for sharing.

Love these type of pics. I'll play.




Just over 12,000' in october 2011 last ride of the year

I like these! Great idea!!

nice nice nice!!!

I love these shots. I will try a few.



awesome pics guys - love the idea. i take these often, from my last ride.....

austin hill country


one captured with the gopro


Ahh... you guys are doing a damn good job making me hate the city :@


Hey Revy Rider. What mtn is that? I went sledding up that way years ago in June...rode across from 3valley gap into monashee cat skiing and also boulder mtn. I have heard most alpine is off limits to bikes. Would love to explore anywhere legal in august when the snow is gone!

The shot was taken from 3-valley, not sure which mountain it is though.This entire area is good to ride in with logging road access everywhere.No bike restrictions that I know of!This is the Big Eddy area of Revy. http://IMG_0578_zpsf3018c3b.jpg

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Wow, I miss green... Best I can do is rocks and sand...


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Wow, I miss green... Best I can do is rocks and sand...

Well, at least you have sand too!!!

3+ feet of snow here-rocks & sand sound REAL good to me!



From the saddle of my TTR.

And yes I had been drinking.


Nice Day, nice ride :ride:

photo (2).JPG

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Lets get this thread going again! This is Revelstoke dam as seen from an awesome single track trail.


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