Is a YZ426 a handler?

I have a relative looking at an '01 YZ426 but I don't know much about them so did they handle decent? Or is it like the '01 2t that needs work on the forks to not beat you up. It has a fresh motor so that shouldn't be a concern. Thanks

They handled like a Yamaha, meaning not quick handling bikes, but fairly stable. The older yzf's also felt heavy too. Forks should be same across the line with exception of spring rates. I don't remember my 01 forks being that harsh, definitely not as harsh as my stock 05 AOSS were.

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I used to have an 02 YZ426 and it handled nicely. It was my first thumper of many since, and I still miss its plush suspension on the harsh stuff to this very day. My only gripe was the impossible starting after you dumped it.

They come stock with the KYB open bath forks, which can be tuned for plushness or MX-ness (but not both, very well).

The steel frames handle very good.

So, after a week, I realized I stuck this question in the wrong sub-forum. Oh well.

I liked my 02, what I think was a negative was the high center of gravity. But, had the nicest pulling motor I've ever owned before this new WR. I always thought a steering stabilizer would have been a huge improvement, but never put one on that bike before I sold it.

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