Triple clamp bracket for light

I've recently noticed my new bike has no bracket to hold the headlight cowl on ...the bike has TAG Metals triples and as you can see from the pics the previous owner has "improvised" the best he could.. As I have no point of reference to compare, can someone describe the standard setup please.



On your Tag triple clamps, the upper bolts are coming in from straight ahead, whereas with the stockers, the bolts come in from the left & right. So those tabs that have zip-ties going thru them, normally would bolt right up to the stock triple clamps, as those bolts come in from the side, not the front.

Well in the absence of any way of fabricating a bracket, and no adapter that can be purchased, I guess it's eBay for these little monkeys, alternatively are top and bottom clamps interchangeable between brands, there's plenty of upper oem clamps about

Well if you are willing to cough up $$$ to replace the triple clamp, I would buy a new one thats

ready for a steering damper such as Scotts. The Scotts/BRP triple clamp uses the the stock headlight

brackets that you could get lots of places like TT, Rocky Mountain or Bike Bandit.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to by a damper to me :thumbsup: . Nobody regrets buying a steering damper !

My bad I thought you had just the top clamp and not the whole thing .

this is the setup from Scotts/BRP to stock headlight brackets.


Thanks for the ideas :). im more than happy to revert back to the stock ones at the moment, im not in a hurry to start spending big cash on a "hobby bike" until im sure im gonna enjoy it, hopefully all I need to do then is sell all the SM trim to get my off road goodies

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