98 WR400 Hard to start


Yes its another one of those WR threads were someone is winging that they cant start the bloody thing, but after reading countless other issues I think my issue is slightly different.

When I come to start mine from cold it will not kick for the life of me with out a little tweak. Now the usual way I would start one of these is to never pull the throttle as my old 426 and older 400 would never ever start if i'd even breathed on the throttle. This one is very different, If I twist the throttle once it will fire but not tick over, so two twists and it ticks over for a few seconds, try and apply a "little" throttle and it dies. So three twists and it fires and idles roughly, after a few seconds I can slowly apply a slight bit of throttle and then the revs change and its fine for ever more.

And I forgot to mention this is with the choke out.

Has anyone else come across this?

Does my carb need cleaning out?

Valves clearances?

Thanks in advance


It wouldnt hurt to just check your valve clearances and make sure your timing is set properly. Honestly though i think your problem resides in the carb either their is somthing gummed up or you could be lean on your pilot jet which is what im kind of leaning towards.

Thanks mate ill strip down the carb and check the clearances then.

Is there a step by step guide on how to check the valves?

This is for the 250f, but very similar in nature. Consult your factory manual for specs and slight differences. This will give you a good idea of what your up against.


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