2003 wr450 Throttle Cable Too Short

I'm 6'3" and wanted taller bars for a more comfortable ride. I purchased some Renthal high bend bars. It appears the stock throttle cable on a 2003 WR450 is too short to accomodate higher bars. Am I missing something in the adjustment of the bars or do I need to find a longer throttle cable? If I need a longer throttle cable, any tips on where to get one? Google has come up dry and I didn't see anything on the forums either. Thanks.

As far as i know they do not offer longer control cables for dirt bikes. I know they do offer them for cruisers and other street bikes. I also have never ran into anyone who had an issue with any of their cables being long enough even with adding risers and higher bars. I do know that if you send your cable into motion pro along with dimensions for how long you want it they can make one for you. But before you go through all that i would suggest getting a service manual and make sure that your cables are routed properly as that can make a big difference.

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Yeah, take another peek at how they are run as I'm 6'3" as well, run high bars too and have 7/8" to 1 1/4" adapters without issue on my 04. I'm guessing you have the cable under the front tank bolt instead of above it or something similarly easy.

Simply Re-routing cables should fix it.


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Motion Pro makes longer cables for every dirtbike made.

You don't need longer cables.

I'm 6'4" and ran stock cables on all my WR's.

Thats with BRP 27mm submount risers and KX High bars.

I needed a longer throttle cable for my 03 WR when I added a BRP submount and CR hi bars. I ordered a +2" set from Motion Pro....

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