starter not engaging!!!!!!!!

Sometimes when i push the e-start it just makes a buzzing sound and won't turn over,but if you push it again it will turn over and then buzz again !!!Then it will turn over and then maybe it will start.....It has done this for some time now but it has gotten worse latley.Anyone have any ideas what it could be??Is this what everybody is talking about when they want to know if the starter gears on the 04 will fit in the 03???? :)

My 450 starter motor went from turning the engine over sometime, to not doing anything. I had to replace the starter motor to fix it. I think it fires every time now. Check your battery and wire connections also.

the buzzing is caused by the starter relay, and basically signifies the battery has no charge, so put it on a trickle charger for 1 night and stick it in and it should last you about 2 weeks or a month or longer, i did this when i heard that buzzing noise and after i put it in i just pulled out the choke and pushed the button with no throttle and it fired up as soon as i hit the button :):D btw: i charged mine on 12 volts and 2 amps

It is not the battery !! I have a trickle charger with the quik release hooked up and i charge it all the time.Maybe i described the noise wrong,when it makes the noise if you just kick it over or roll the bike forward a couple of feet in gear and you try it again it will start !!!It's almost like the starter gets stuck between has done this since i have owned it but it is getting worse.I woulde'nt really care that much but i am afraid to use my kick starter ever since it kicked back and broke my cases! :)

Check your ignition cover. The boss the holds one of the starter gears on mine broke and it did that also.

I have also had it since though.I wonder if the auto decomp is stuck and just needs to be nudged. I've talked to some guys with yz450's and it happens to them also.

I posted several months ago about an issue that sounds very similar to your issue (if you look at all my posts -- not very many -- you'll see it).

I note that someone mentioned it was the auto decomp sticking -- that's what I thought at the time and continue to think. If I bump it against the gears to move the piston, it'll usually start up on the e-start. It's like the piston got stuck at maximum compression and the e-start doesn't have the ooomph to move it. I'm not a mechanic so that may be totally off.

Unfortunately haven't been riding enough in the last 3 months to address the issue (just rely on the bump it a/g the gears and start it up method). Be interested to hear if you get a resolution on it.


Pull the starter and check the ohms in each of the windings the manual shows the values you should have. We had two bad (high reading) windings. The fix was a new starter. They don't solder the ends to the communtator but we haven't had any trouble with the new one. Be sure to mark the ends when you take them apart the manual says to align them with the factory marks when you reassemble it but ours didn't have any.

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