2012 YZ450F sag question

Hi guys. I just picked up a used 12' yz450f. I also picked up the Dubach engine relocation kit. I'm planning on installing it tomorrow. I called Dubach this afternoon and asked about setup after the kit is in place. They said to run sag at 104-105 mm. Also asked about fork height. They said anywhere form 0-5 mm in the clamps. Just wanted to know what guys with the kit are running. Also any other setup tips for this bike. I ride all MX, vet intermediate. I also set all the clickers back to the factory specs. I also searched but could not find anything that was specific to the 12'. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I run forks flush and 98 to 100 mm of sag on indoor tracks. Forks 5mm up and 104 mm sag on outdoor tracks. Drd relocation kit and 5.3 rear spring are the only things that aren't stock on my bike

Mines also a 2012

When people are saying flush, are you all meaning flush with outer fork tube or entire fork flush ( inner chamber cap) flat with top of clamp? I was thinking about this very subject myself this weekend.

Flush with the outer tube

Thanks, that what I thought.

Thanks luvnoldcars.

Tell me about the change the kit made to the bike,thanks mike

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