2006 WR450 recent upgrades

So- I bought this plated wr450f two years ago from a buddy


I am a 50 yr old "never was" ... 6' 1" and about 210 pounds with gear on. I do mostly trail riding, but hit a track a couple of times a year, desert also... I wanted a "do almost anything" dirt bike

Anza Borrego is within an hour from me, so I wanted a plated bike- this WR has an acerbis tank, bark busters, GPR stabilizer, some armor, renthals, pretty typical upgrades I guess.. also had a rekluse, rear rack, disc protectors front and rear. GYTR package, grey wire, throttle stop...

Coming from a DRZ400, I was totally pleased with the awesome power the WR450 made , but thought the forks were "harsh"

First ride out, I took it to a local spot I was familiar with... whoops in particulr seemed to pack up the front end, giving jarring results... it was on my short list to rectify.

2nd ride on the bike was in the desert, and I blew a fork seal... no big deal I guess, so I read up, and replaced them myself...

3rd ride, I jumped on the freeway for a 17 mile slab to a dirt road... 15 miles in, the rear locks up, sending me into a 75 mile an hour fishtail, ending with me flopping down the highway... (pics available upon request)... ATGATT saved most of me from serious injury

a little investigation, and some help from a buddy (tntmo) found the 5th gear had welded itself to the output shaft... I guess it got hot! So; he fixed that for me (for a great price) and I went on another short trip... and blew a fork seal... arg

so this time, I took it to a pro-- suspension 101 in my hometown of Alpine. for a very good price, he did a major workover on the forks... seals, fluid, springs, valving... incredible! What a difference! His "specs" are Davej's phase 4 with secret sauce on the side... you suspension guys might get it, but I'm like "uh... ok"... some sort of hand blend from some sort of suspension legend?

Hit the same whoops yesterday and absolutely was flying across the tops!

I had ridden this bike 4 times in two years for a number of reasons, but yesterday convinced me to keep at it with this bike!

Other details I need to sort out- very stiff clutch pull compared to my other bikes... seems some people feel this and some don't ; I'll start with a re-lube, and see if that helps.

Bars are too low when standing, and I've got that handled, I hope

seat is stiff and low, and I have a plan for that

already dropped the levers a bit to fit my stance

exposed a weeping clutch gover gasket I'll need to address..

anyway- I expect to post in this forum more, and learn all the tricks of the Wr450

That's a long story for a bike you've only hidden a handful of times. Sounds like you've had more troubles with it than fun, but you've got most of it sorted out.

Glad to hear you have kept positive & kept working out the bugs & upgrading things.

I have a Seat Concepts on my plated 08' that I highly recommend.

Good luck with it & keep having fun on it.

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