Fox 360 Motion pants, others?

I'm leaning towards getting the 2001 Fox 360 Motion pants. Also looking at 2001 Oneal Hardwear and Troy Lee Designs Speed Equipment pants, but like I said, I think the 360 motion pants are the ones. Anyone have any opinions on any of these. Thanks.

I've been wearing Fox stuff since `94 (before that JT and Answer) and really like it. I have the new 360 Motion pants and they hold up well. Honestly, I don't think you can buy bad MX gear these days - maybe the lower end stuff - but everyone's top-of-the-line gear is good.

The 360 motion are are good pants. I thought I might try the No Fear gear next. The FOX stuff is good.

Pete :)

I have a pair of No Fear, Fox and Shift pants. All pretty much the same. If you go with these I would recommend just buying what suits your eye and what you can get the best deal on.

I will say, a riding partner of mine has the Thor stuff and I really like it. I'm all set to send my order for the Core 4 gear as for it looks tough to beat.

Thanks a lot fellas. I ordered the navy 360 Motion pants, like the looks. That means I have some 2001 Shift Jet pants for sale in new post.

I saw a Thor pant recently with a leather insert at knee for heat resistance. Many of us burn holes into our pants with the aftermarket header pipes. Something to consider.

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