oversize radiator


i`am thinking of buying those $100 chinese radiators on ebay for my 08 WR450, thinking that it´s extra-thickness (40 or 32mm vs OEM 26mm) will help in cooling down my engine in some low-speed hot-weather enviroments im running.

So, if anyone has done so, would be so kind to recommend a dealer/brand? there are several, and probably they would all sell the same chinese stuff, but anyway, it would be better to follow the suggestion of another buyer rather than random picking.

I´ve seen "zps sports" , "autopwr" , "cooling rus", zero point cooling" "radiatorshopping"...

Also i´ve seen some better equipment, but double it´s price....


I bought a pair of Mishimoto brand cheap-o's on ebay for a DRZ400 that I had before the WR450. They were about $110 for the pair and had a "lifetime warranty". They were much nicer looking than the OEM ones and, as you said, quite a bit larger capacity & cooling area. I can't really say if they actually made a difference because I'd never had overheating issues.

If I were you though I would install a cooling fan before buying new radiators. The reason our bikes overheat is that when we are riding very slow, steep, technical trails the air flow is too low to keep the radiators cool.

I bought a computer fan from Radio Shack for $18 that fits perfectly behind my right radiator. It's held on with small zip-ties threded through the fins. I bought a little round plastic toggle switch for an on/off.

I can't actually say how well it works though, because I never got around to connecting the wires....because I had planned to also wire in an ignition switch & a 12V outlet and didn't have it all when I got the fan. But, I've never over heated my bike since the first couple of weeks after I bought it. Oh, also I'd thought that I would be riding in town more and traffic lights would overheat me, but as it turns out I've only ridden in town a couple of times with the WR since it's a more dirt oriented dual sport. Maybe I'll finish the sumo wheel project "someday" and need the fan. :)

Lots of folks recommended the computer fans & said that they last. That's why I'd bought it.

I'm with Glenn on this one. Oversize radiators might help, but that cooling fan will definately help in the slow going.

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