BK Mod Variation Question

I got to thinking about the BK mod last night and had a question maybe you all could answer: Is the APJ interchangeable like the other jets? I thought that if I could get a smaller APJ then increase the squirt duration that I could get the same amount of fuel delivered to the engine over a longer period of time that maybe I could achieve even better throttle response. Plus, if I could get rid of the adjusting screw for the cam, that would eliminate tuning it each time you've got it apart for other maintenance. Another question, does anyone make one of these APJ's that has a mist pattern instead of a stream? An aerosol (sp?) of fuel would ignite easier than the stream. I was thinking this might also help. If you guys know of any suppliers for these jets that has a website or I could call I'd be interested. Thx, Brian.


someone has been into this and no, there is only the one nozzle! it is a squirt and not a spray and i don't think there's a lot you can do!

the only thought i had was that it should have squirted through an even smaller hole at a plate that would spread the fuel. unfortunately the only thing i can compare it to is one of those tractors that you see here in the UK (states as well?) that tow a water wagon around the speedway (bikes) track to wet the shale.

the water drops onto a "plate" that fans it out.

i think you're wrong to want it to extend right through rev range. you want it to be short and quick so that every time you close the throttle and go again, it's filled it's balls and is ready to squirt.

ultimately though, look at my signiture and discover the true way forward for the APJ!


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