02 YZ426

I'm going to upgrade from a 00 426 to an 02 426 but, the dealer has a 01 for $500 less. Are the refinements and resale of the 02

worth the extra $500 right now? I saw an earlier post about the purchase of an 01 vs 02 but, the difference was 2k. This site is great! Thanks

I have a 02 426. I have never rode a 01 426, but I was told that it has a bog that the BK mod fixes. I have no bog on my 02 and absolutely love it. For just $500 I would buy the 02, you can get that back when you sell it.

Hmmm. I got my '02 426 for $5300 OTD when they first came in. Course the shop does sponsor me somewhat but they're pretty willing to give that to most people if they dicker a little. If you ask around enough you should be able to get close to that. Or at least around here in NC.

In response to candlkirk's message, I've got the '01 and there is absolutely no bog whatsoever on my bike. It is 100% stock and I'm at sea level. I have also read posts from other people here that they have done the BK mod to the '01 and received better throttle response, but did not have any bogging problem prior to the mod. If you have heard from other people that theirs has the bog then I won't argue, but I have not had any problems at all with bogging on my bike.

I haven't ridden an 02', but my 01' 426 does NOT bog. I ride at sea level in Delaware and PA and I haven't done anything to my carb.


Not sure where you're at, but you should be able to do a pretty good deal on an '01 right now. Certainly at or less than $5K out the door. I just got an '01 WR for 5150 total. If it's only $500 and that's the best you can get I'd get the '02. :)

I also have a stock 01,no bog great throttle response.

I'm actually in northern Jersey, the dealer will give me the 01 for $5100 out the door. That's probably the best deal around here, the 02 is $5600 out the door and most places around here are charging between $5899 & $5999 for an 02. Thanks for the reply Scott!

WOW, i tell you what, based on what I see here, I got a pretty crappy deal on my 02, but I still love it. I'll just have to sell it for a couple hundred more than you guys in a few years :).

-- Charles

Hey John,

Just a little Friendly FYI regarding the left over '01 YZ- 125, 250's & 426's (not 250F's!). Yamaha has a $300 cash incentive to their dealers for these leftovers. What that means is that the dealer can sell you the '01 for his cost or less and still make $. My dealer showed me the incentive paperwork from Yamaha. I just missed out on a left over '01 426F that my dealer would have sold to me for $4950. A win-win deal for both of us.

Hopefully you havn't acted yet. BTW, my dealer & a few in the midatlantic area are selling the 426's for $5350 -$5450. Like the man said before you have to dicker w/them. With the economy slowing down and the Yamaha card offer coming to an end 12/31/01, they need to move bikes!

Good Luck!

Thanks for the info guys, I'll probably go with the'02. For the extra $500 it will probably be a wash in the long run. I'll let everyone know how it feels compared to my 2000 426.Thanks again

Hey Science, Thanks for that info! Do you have any names or #s of the dealers in your area that are still offering those deals? I'm in New Jersey and would consider traveling a little for that kind of savings if my dealer won't budge on price. - John


Where do you live in NJ? Where do you ride? Just wondering, theres not too many NJ 400/426 owners that read this board. Let me know if youd like to ride together sometime.


Mike, I'm in northern Jersey. I usually go to e-town practice track, Jack Frost in PA, D34 Tracks in NY State, My brothers track in north east pa, sometimes NJ ORV Park near Chatsworth NJ. I'll be riding Waldens open practice this Saturday 11/3 hopefully on new 426 but, either way I'll be there with a bike. Let me know if you want to go north to Walden you won't be disappointed. John

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