Another Cracked Tank

Just found two hair-line cracks on the back of my tank by the seat junction. It appears last April and May a few riders had experienced the same problem. I am dealing with Yamaha Customer Service in Canada. Any specifics or documentation from Yamaha on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Greg,

Funny you mentioned that. My buddy was riding this weekend and his tank sprung some leaks in the exact same place. I'll be watching for some replies here myself.

That sucks. what year bike is it?

Kawaski has been standing behind (replacing) their cracked tanks on their KLX300 and KDX's.

My bike is a 2000. The local Yamaha rep said no, without looking at it or asking any questions. So I went to Yamaha Customer Service(Canada) and they said they would look into it and two days later, they agreed to replace the tank. So overall I am happy. :)

My dad has a 2000 426. He has yet to have any problems, but one night I went to sit on it, as I was putting on graphics for him. It was quiet, as it was like 1 am. When I sat up on the front of the seat, i heard a hissing. I got off, and sat down again, *hssssssss*. It was air coming out of the overflow tube up top. My weight on the seat caused the tank to compress and push the air (or gas if it's full enough) out. Pretty lame in my opinion, when a company as big as yamaha makes their gas tanks SO THIN that they flex. Dad's old 94 YZ250, you could beat the tank, it didn't move. MY 95 KX250, same. That tank was THICK. My 520, THICK enough, I think my head would crack before the tank. The 00 (at least) 426, see through (AND IT'S BLUE!!!!) thin.


It's not a design flaw, per-se, as it is an UNDERDESIGN flaw. TO THIN OF A GAS TANK.

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Excuse me if Im being redundant here. Im new to this board and its probably been talked to death already. I had a few buddys whos tanks got cracks. Or more accurately, splits. I was checking my own tank and what I found was that the tank was getting rubbed (worn) thin because of the seat pan rubbing on the tank. Since the wear on the seat pan was to the two raised reinforcements, what I did was to get out the ol belt sander and remove some more material from the reinforcements. So far, so good.

The tanks crack on the bottom rear on each side of where it goes over the frame.

MotoGreg, Very nice CRF. I'm thinking about getting a 03 CRF or YZF450(pretty sure their going to make it a 450) how do you like the CRF? :)

On my third.I cracked 2 tanks (00-426)and the dealer replaced both of them. They were stress cracks in the rear where it goes over the frame. Im very pleased with Yamaha and the dealer,,, as a matter of fact Im so pleased with Yamaha I just picked up my 02-YZ250F Fri night :)

I love it! It is so much better than I expected it to be. It is incredibly light feeling, and I can carve the tightest inside lines where my YZF wants to push to the outside when I get on the gas coming out of the corners. Starting is a draw between either bike, my YZF starts first kick. It is way more powerfull than my YZF400 and it doesn't have graphics on the gas tank to bubble up! :)

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