YZ450F engine noise? Is this normal?

Hey guys, I have an 03 YZ450F that I just recently bought. After riding a couple weekends I noticed a loud engine noise. To me it sounds like valves knocking. Reading these forums I have found other threads that say it's normal for these bikes, but I just want to be sure before I do anything rash.

So...I took a video clip of the bike idling and wanted to see if you guys could take a listen and tell me if i need to worry.

Here it is:

Some noise is normal depending on the miles on the engine I would say yours sounds too noisy for normal. the most common easy areas to look at are cam chain tensioners and clutch basket. just having valves that are a little loose don't make a lot of noise. things like loose pistons and rod bearings also rattle but of course involve deep inspection.

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