Exhaust – Full System vs. Slip On

I am thinking about replacing the stock shorty exhaust on my ’09 YZ450F. I am debating if I should go with a full system or just a slip on pipe with the stock header. Obviously since I am asking this question cost is a factor, like most I am on somewhat of a budget.

Does anyone have any insight into the differences of going with a full system vs. a slip on? Is there a big difference in the performance of either option?

There's a fairly big difference in performance with either option. Almost any good slip-on will significantly improve on the Shorty that comes with the '09, but the best gains are had with a full system, or by using a slip-on with an earlier header. The OEM header on the '08-'09 is grossly oversized as a compensation for the extraordinary level of restriction caused by the OEM muffler, and doesn't perform properly even with a good muffler in place.

The biggest improvement you will see either way is in the range of around 5000-6000 RPM. (lower mid range)

I have an 08 and placed a stock 07 header with a Leo Vince slip on and JD Jetting kit...huge improvement! You can often find the Leo Vince systems for CHEAP on EBay. I paid $149 for mine with free shipping.

Thanks for the info guys.

Has anyone ever had any experience with the Lexx or Motoworks systems that they sell on Rocky Mountain?

Ya a couple guys on here have the Lexx and like it, it isn't for me though.

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