Thor Windchill Gloves

Cooler weather is rolling in. I hate it but I hate not riding more. :) I've been looking for cold weather gear and ran across some of the Thor Wind Chill before my race this past weekend so I purchased a pair. I'm happy to report that these things do the trick. (Or at least for me.) I don't like the cold weather gloves because most have fleece or something that makes them really thick. However, the wind chills like regular riding gloves but with neoprene on the back.

Note, putting them on you really won't feel like they'd do much good but when getting up to speed on the bike you really notice how much cold air they keep off your fingers.

I have these as well. I haven't been able to try them out in very cold weather yet but on a cool day they made my hands get hot so seems like they should work well in the cold. They're inexpensive too. Thor may have done it with these; moto glove feel, keep your hands warm, look cool, and a good price.

Just to add..for the cold weather riding, put medical tape or similar on your levers. I ride w/a finger on the clutch and brake 99% of the time. When its cold out those metal levers get real cold, the tape keeps your fingers away from the metal and provides extra grip as well.

MSR has levers with rubber inserts in the face that do the same thing and have a nice feel. I wear Fox Polar Paws that also do quite well in the cool, wet riding weather we get in the NW all winter long.

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