2009 YZ450 air filter question

I bought an 09 YZ450 last summer and it had a K&N filter in it. I want to go back to a stock/foam air filter. I don't like the K&N, and I want to always have a extra dry, clean oiled filter ready to be installed after each ride. My bike has a foam seal on the inside of the airbox where the filter mates to it. No cage. Sooo what I need to know is, what all parts do I need to convert back to stock/foam air filter set up.

Sounds like you just need a filter cage and the wing nut. There is no foam seal on the stock air box, it should just be a rubber lip, where the foam on the filter seals against. I think all big yz's from 2000-2009 used the same filter, so you should be able to get a stock filter cage cheap on ebay.

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